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Heat press machines are now dominating the today’s machine markets. It’s surprising to learn that everyone wants to have the machine, be it for businesses purposes or just for family use, especially those who are tired of using iron boxes.

If you’re interested to know why everyone seems to be in love with the machine, read on. The machine is known mainly for its versatility. If you have the machine, you’ll not only be set for printing on all types of materials without considering having other supportive brands but will also be sailing in the industry’s demands for quality, durability, efficiency and even accuracy. The heat press machines are all-round devices; because, they are designed to handle almost all types of materials. Money spent on this machine is money well spent…

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The following is detailed information on two-heat press machine you should understand.

The sublimate T-Shirt heat presser, digital 15-by-15 inch


Digital 15 x15 T-shirt heat presser is a modernized and improved machine as compared to the previous. If you buy this machine, you’ll be guaranteed for excellence. For instance, the machine has electronic heat and time control system for accuracy. As such, you will enjoy a precised heat and time setup scenario, and thus provoking your perfect heat pressing results just as you want.

The machine won’t take much of your space since its designed to submit to upward opening technique, plus it’s a compact model. Unlike the swinger machine, the upward opening technique is convenient for space saving. It also has a silicon gel baseboard, which is adjustable. This gives the machine its required stability. It offers close to 1800 W power and oscillates on the temperature that ranges from 0 to 500F.

Another important feature is that the power press machines are known to have sufficient surface area. It gives you the convenience to work on your sweatpants and or t-shirt effectively, regardless of the size. Apart from that, the machines come with extra, Teflon sheet. It is also good to understand that the main function of these sheets is to ensure your material does not stick on the platen. So, if you have bonus sheets, then you’re empowered to use the machine for a very long time since you’ll only require changing the Teflon protective sheets whenever you see the possibility of wear and tear.
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It’s highly efficient, due to its heat and timer control system. It uses very limited spaces, because of its upward-opening design plus its compactness. The machine is very stable, because of the silicon gel base. Furthermore, it is able to apply myriads transfers, such as letters, images, and numbers on several materials including ID bandages, garments, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles and also mouse mats.


When you start using the machine, at times, it can produce a pungent smell. The smell shouldn’t scare you, it happens only once or twice, basically during its initial usage stages. Since its digital, it needs its usability awareness, before you can actually start working. For instance, the machine comes with a silicon rubber base. The base is used for pressure adjustment, and thus, you have to understand how the adjustments are done; otherwise, the benefit of this rubber might be a nightmare.


Although it depends on what you might be looking for in a machine, this machine is always the best, and thus, worth of your money. This one can serve you regardless of your printing material, and thus it’s a perfect machine. With machine operating on time range of 0-999s, you’ll probably have acquired the best machine in terms of speed and thus, for quick services the machine won’t let you down. The only thing that you need to understand, before purchasing the machine, make some inquiries, so that you can purchase that which you actually was dreaming of.

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There are tons of printing machines in the market today. Some are not original; others do not have the advantages of printing on all types of materials. If you need to score high in these machines, first, understand what you’re looking for before you start your search. The good thing is, the internet gives a boom of information about anything you want, and thus you won’t miss getting that which you want. Heat presses are not inventions that have lived with us for long, but due to their durability, efficiency and efficacy, acquiring them is a blessing.

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