Fancierstudio 15-by-15-Inch Heat Press Machine

Now a days Heat press machine is used mostly in t shirt printing. Due to increase in demand many companies has launched heat press machine for different products. Wrong Machine selection can break your business growth.

So it is very crucial to choose the best heat press machine. So here We will review the Fancier Heat Press machine.

Fancier studio heat press machine is the best for the industrial purpose, specially when you are starting a t shirt business. The good thing about the machine is  digital and easy to use. Craft the beautiful design on t shirt helps you to improve the brand and business. No Complex working of the machine, just plug and start work with the machine. Upto 100 t shirt printing order you can complete in a day perfect for the small business.

If you are looking for the printing machine for your small business then it can be the right option for you.


  • Heat press machine plate is Coated with Teflon.
  • One Teflon sheet is included with the heat press machine.
  • Rubber is glued in the base of machine for better stability.
  •  It open upward so require the minimum space for the machine.
  • You can adjust the temperature form 0 to 500 F and Time 0 to 999 Sec.
  • Automatic time and heat feature control, reduce the chance of uneven heating.
  • Power of heat press machine is 1800 watt.

heat press machine reviews
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  • Heavy Duty machine, Perfect for the small t shirt printing business.
  • Easily print images on letters, t shirt, bags and mouse pad.


  • Power consumption is slightly high as compare to other machines.
  • 3.8 out of 5 on Amazon which is slightly down rating of good products.

Learn How to start the T shirt Business From the Scratch


So in the last Machine is overall good in term of duration, and quality. So if you are planning for the t shirt printing business or need for your own home this can be good machine.

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